Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here I am writing my first official blog post. Ah, one would wonder what to talk about. Been so busy writing and tweaking many of my unpublished works from my Forbidden Vault. "Muaha ha ha haaa! After carefully studying the publishing industry (and my, how the industry has changed) I'm convinced it's high time for me to lay the groundwork for publishing my first book. No, I don't have any experience in the publishing industry with the exception of reading author's tips, tricks and interviews from their blogs. I've been researching Indie Authors too. I must say I'm impressed. A little scared, eager, and wondering if I should submit at least ONE book to a traditional publisher? We shall see.

Just last night I created my Facebook page. Oh yeah, wait! Gotta have the Twitter. Will do that later in the day. Ahem. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, I'm ready to submit my first story to an editor. I have my book cover art all picked out, gonna buy it today from this nifty little site I found. Not ready to release the title or blurb until everything has been completed. * deep breaths * Little nervous here, but I've gotta do this.

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